We accept ECHS & CGHS | Manocha Eye Hospital
We Accept : ECHS + CGHS
February 14, 2021
Cataract Surgery in Ambala | Manocha Eye Hospital
सफेद मोतिया (Motiya Bind – Cataracts in Hindi)
March 2, 2021
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Eye hospitals in Ambala empaneled with Haryana Government

Eye hospitals in Ambala empaneled with Haryana Government | Manocha Eye Hospital Ambala

Eye hospitals in Ambala empaneled with Haryana Government | Manocha Eye Hospital Ambala

Eye hospitals in Ambala empaneled with Haryana Government | Manocha Eye Hospital Ambala
Eye hospitals in Ambala empaneled with Haryana Government | Manocha Eye Hospital Ambala

What it means that a hospital is empaneled with Haryana government?

Haryana Government is committed to providing the best of healthcare to its Employees, Pensioners & their Dependents; and to widen the scope of services, especially tertiary level healthcare, has taken private Medical Colleges/Hospitals on its panel. The services of such empaneled private health facilities may be availed by Haryana Govt. Employees, Pensioners & their Dependents vis-`a-vis Reimbursement, Cashless and Empanelment policies.

To get empaneled with the Haryana government a hospital must adhere to strict quality standards and must be with Entry-level or Full NABH accredited. We feel proud to say that Manocha Eye Hospital was the first hospital in the region that got FULL NABH accreditation and for years and years it keeps on providing quality services to its patients.

We feel proud to say that Manocha Eye Hospital is first choice of patients of various departments of Haryana government for eye treatments. We served a big number of patients of Haryana government employees till time. Our process of handling such cases flaw less and very smooth. If you are an employee of Haryana Government and you have kind of eye problem we are just a call away, do call us at 0171-2550092

List of Haryana Government departments

SN.DepartmentURL of the Website
1Home Departmenthttp://homeharyana.gov.in
2Department of Agriculture and Welfare, Haryanahttp://agriharyana.gov.in
3Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairyinghttp://pashudhanharyana.gov.in
4Directorate of Archaeology & Museumshttp://archaeologyharyana.nic.in
5Department of Higher Education, Haryanahttp://www.highereduhry.com
6Department of School Education, Haryanahttp://schooleducationharyana.gov.in
7Department of Elementary Educationhttp://harprathmik.gov.in
8State Election Commission Haryanahttp://secharyana.gov.in
9Electronics & Information Technology Departmenthttp://haryanait.gov.in
10Department of Environmenthttp://harenvironment.gov.in
11Excise & Taxation Departmenthttp://haryanatax.gov.in
12Finance Department Haryanahttp://finhry.gov.in
13Fisheries Department, Haryanahttp://harfish.gov.in
14Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department, Haryanahttp://haryanafood.gov.in
15Haryana Forests Departmenthttp://haryanaforest.gov.in
16Health Department Haryanahttp://haryanahealth.nic.in
17Irrigation & Water Resources Department, Haryanahttp://hid.gov.in
18Labour Department Haryanahttps://hrylabour.gov.in
19Haryana Police Departmenthttp://haryanapoliceonline.gov.in/login.aspx
20Prisons Departmenthttp://haryanaprisons.gov.in
21Directorate of Information, Public Relations & Languages Departmenthttp://prharyana.gov.in
22Public Works Departmenthttp://haryanapwd.gov.in
23Revenue and Disaster Management Departmenthttp://revenueharyana.gov.in
24Rural Development Departmenthttp://haryanarural.gov.in
25Haryana Tourism Departmenthttp://haryanatourism.gov.in
26Department of Town & Country Planninghttp://tcpharyana.gov.in
27Department of State Transport, Haryanahttp://hartrans.gov.in
28Treasuries & Accounts Departmenthttp://hrtreasuries.gov.in
29State Vigilance Bureau, Haryanahttp://haryanavigilance.gov.in
30Women and Child Development Departmenthttp://wcdhry.gov.in
31Public Health Engineering Departmenthttps://services.phedharyana.gov.in
32Principal Accountants General Haryanahttp://aghry.gov.in
33Haryana Archives Departmenthttp://haryanaarchives.gov.in
34Government of Haryana Transport Department ( Regulatory Wing)http://haryanatransport.gov.in
35Civil Aviation Departmenthttp://haraviation.gov.in
36Haryana Land Recordshttp://jamabandi.nic.in
37Development & Panchayats Department, Haryanahttp://harpanchayats.gov.in
38Department of Economic and Statistical Analysis, Haryanahttp://esaharyana.gov.in
39Haryana Institute of Public Administration (HIPA)http://hipaco.in
40Horticulture Departmenthttp://hortharyana.gov.in
41Department of Home Guards & Civil Defence, Haryanahttp://homeguardsharyana.gov.in
42Department of Industries & Commerce, Haryanahttp://haryanaindustries.gov.in
43Skill Development & Industrial Training Department, Haryanahttp://itiharyana.gov.in
44Haryana State Legal Services Authorityhttp://hslsa.gov.in
45Department of Renewable Energy, Haryanahttp://hareda.gov.in
46Directorate of Social Justice & Empowermenthttp://socialjusticehry.gov.in
47Welfare of Scheduled Caste & Backward Classes Departmenthttp://haryanascbc.gov.in/
48Department of Sports & Youth Affairshttp://haryanasports.gov.in
49Directorate of Supplies & Disposals, Haryanahttp://dsndharyana.gov.in
50Department of Technical Education, Haryanahttp://techeduhry.gov.in
51Food & Drug Administration Haryanahttp://fdaharyana.gov.in
52Employees State Insurance Health Care, Haryanahttp://hryesi.gov.in/en
53Chief Electrical Inspector DepartmentClick Here For More Information
Dr. Deepti Manocha
Dr. Deepti Manocha
Dr. Deepti Manocha joined Manocha Eye Hospital after completing her Post Graduation in Ophthalmology from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi in 2006. Dr. Deepti Manocha took the legacy forward and added state of the art technology to the hospital. She bought many latest changes to the hospital. She added Modular Eye Operation Theater, Blade-Free Lasik Laser and many other technical & diagnostic assets to the hospital. Manocha Eye Hospital extended its services in the area of cashless empanelments and is currently on the panel of all major TPAs and government schemes like ECHS, CGHS, Ayushmann Bharat. The hospital is also providing the scope of its services to the employees of the Haryana government and Himachal government. Dr. Deepti Manocha bought advance and modern treatments for many eye diseases to Manocha Eye Hospital.

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